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Dehydration of the skin is a condition in which the skin cells lose the vital element - water. This can cause dry, flaky or itchy skin, as well as changes in skin texture and color. Dehydration of the skin differs from dry skin in which there are not enough lipids to maintain optimal skin moisture levels.

Dehydration of the skin can occur for various reasons, such as insufficient fluid intake, excessive use of caffeine, alcohol or tobacco, dry air, excessive cleansing of the skin, aggressive cosmetic products or exposure to sunlight.

To restore moisture to the skin, it is recommended to:

  • Moisturize the skin : it is recommended to use cosmetic products containing moisturizing components such as glycerin, hyaluronic acid or squalane.
  • Drink enough water and fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamins, especially A, C, and E, which help maintain skin health.
  • Avoid too hot water , which can damage dry skin during washing and worsen its condition.
  • Avoiding the sun : It is recommended to use a sunscreen with SPF to protect the skin from direct sunlight.

One of the most effective ingredients that can help improve dry skin is hyaluronic acid. When choosing this type of product, it is important to pay attention to the size of the molecules of this acid, otherwise known as the molecular weight: high molecular weight hyaluronic acid helps to moisturize the upper layer of the skin, while low molecular weight hyaluronic acid can transport water to the deeper layers of the skin.